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Hicdogg X Chaka: Whitewalker Throne Rig

$35,000.00 $40,000.00

Rig Info

Artist: Chaka X Hicdogg

Height: 18 inches

Joint Size/Angle: 10mm 90 degrees

Color: Blue stardust, secret white,

Perc: 3 hole diffuser


1x Whitewalker Throne

1x Jesse Dupolux Wooden Display

1x Third Coast Headies sticker pack

From James

Chaka sent me a few days worth of prep and I spent several days at home making parts with help from @whiskeyglassart. @chakaglass and I then met in Colorado Springs to teach a class at @theglassgrind. Huge thanks and shout out to the super host @codycoldcuts🙌. I can’t say enough about how well this class went and how everyone there contributed to a successful build and experience. Everyone was vibing and the work just flowed!!! 🙌

Making a large build with multiple artists in a class is like a choreographed group dance before a live audience. Each of us has our parts and our strengths and if we all vibe to the music and stay on the same beat, the build flows and gracefully comes together like a piece of performance art. If any one of us get off tempo, forget our part, or stumble into the other it could spell disaster for the live performance, but also risks injury for the performers. It was a pleasure to teach this class (dance this dance) with Chaka. We both have some overlapping skill sets but also we have some very different skill sets and style. Chaka is a very talented Glass worker and artist and together our years of experience along with top notch assistance from @jimmyc_glass allowed this piece to flow and come together like a well rehearsed dance routine and the results show in the finished piece. The students in the class were the live audience who reciprocated our performance by being there attentive, enjoying and following our choreography to the end. It truly is one of my favorite things about doing blown glass art is the dance that takes place between the artists as they fluidly move between the flames. The constant rotating and twirling motion as we maneuver the glass into its final position, and the way several artists together can perform the steps necessary to make a work of visual art while at the same time executing a work of performance art.